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Generally, most funds choose to manage and review the flow of traffic through the site by choice, even if they are not subject to do so under Regulatory Requirements.  Therefore, on this page, there are two links: one requiring new guests to register to gain approval for access, the other for approved visitors/investors to sign in for access.

Depending on the level of control required and/or desired, more can be placed on the Welcome Page in front of the Log-In.  Our experts work with you to produce the necessary outcome that is informative, compliant and visitor friendly.  Typically funds must review the information before approving a visitor and providing access.  Besides gathering information that is required, you can also gather information that can be helpful in the Capital Raising and Retaining process.  We always recommend that you speak with your legal, compliance and marketing professionals before developing this section.  Also contained herein are various legal and compliance disclaimers which may be necessary, along with an affirmation statement that must be checked.

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Our experts work with you to develop this section to capture the level of information desired or required.  Below is an example of the types of information collected.

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Information made available on this site concerning the Advanced Portfolio Management funds does not constitute an offer of any shares or other interests of such funds. Any such offer will be made (a) only on a private placement basis by means of a private placement memorandum of the fund, which describes the terms of the fund and the risks associated with an investment and (b) exclusively to investors satisfying the applicable eligibility and suitability criteria of the particular fund. The information concerning the Advanced Portfolio Management funds on this site is confidential, is exclusively for the use of existing investors or prospective investors to whom a password has been assigned by Advanced Portfolio Management and is not to be used for any purpose other than evaluating an existing or prospective investment. Transmission of such information to any other person, or its use for any other purpose, without the written permission of Advanced Portfolio Management is strictly prohibited. Use of the assigned password constitutes the user’s agreement to abide by the foregoing restrictions for this visit and any subsequent visits to this website.

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