APM employs a deep reserve of intellectual capital, together with pioneering innovation, to deliver time-tested customized investment solutions that fully accommodate the unique constraints and objectives of each institutional client.


APM provides investment management, risk management, and advisory services to deliver discrete investment solutions to specific institutional investment challenges for endowments, foundations, pension funds, insurance companies, banks, and other financial institutions.

Client solutions are often based on challenges in existing investment portfolios, changes in the characteristics of a client’s liabilities, the unavailability of the required or desired risk exposure, or the need/desire to reconsider and restructure an investment portfolio or program.  The flexibility of our analytical methodology and quantitative platform, combined with problem-solving experience of the firm's professionals, makes APM particularly well-suited to develop and deliver investment solutions for demanding and complex problems.  

Using a variety of account formats – ranging from separately managed accounts to special purpose vehicles to full fund structures in a variety of jurisdictions – APM is particularly well-positioned to both structure and then actively manage investment solutions on a real-time basis, providing timely and appropriate adjustments and rebalancing to preserve the specified risk and investment objectives, and creating the maximum transparency for the end user.

This solutions-driven approach can be applied at the asset allocation decision (in the form of an overlay strategy which allows a client to preserve the existing asset allocation), or as a component sub-portfolio within the total portfolio.